Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 Priciest Cities to Own a Home

In the doom and gloom of today's economic and property market news, it's easy to loose sight of the fact that there remain the really wealthy for whom money is no object. Couple that with the softening in prices, and you have the potential for a mini boost in high-end sales. Monte Carlo is off the charts at $47,578 per sq. m. More reasonably, Moscow and London are just over $20K per sq. m. New York City is the only U.S. city on in the top ten at $14,898 per sq. m., making Mumbai a relative bargain in the #10 spot at $9,163 per sq. m. See the full list, along with additional market information.


louisville kentucky lofts said...

Thanks for sharing the facts. I wasn't aware that land is considered very expensive with a price of $47,578 per sq. m.


louisville ky condos said...

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