Monday, February 14, 2011

Albuquerque Areas Home Sales Highlights

This report highlights some of the 2010 market trends for single-family detached sales reported in the Southwest MLS. The data included in the report are sold listings in the city of Albuquerque Market Areas (10-121). 
 Trend 1:Days on Market until sale
HighestArea #Area NameDOM
132Academy West57
250Northeast Heights57
390Near South Valley58
521ABQ Acres West64
6111Ladera Heights64
792Southwest Heights66
8110Northwest Heights68
1091Valley Farms69
LowestArea #Area NameDOM
131Foothills North115
210Sandia Heights111
3102Far North Valley108
460Four Hills Village94
520North ABQ Acres91
6100North Valley85
7101Near North Valley85
1080Downtown Area77
Trend 2: Percent of Original List Price Received
HighestArea #Area Name% of OLP
121ABQ Acres West94.2
292Southwest Heights94.1
3110Northwest Heights94.1
4120Paradise West94.0
532Academy West93.3
651Foothills South92.9
750Northeast Heights92.9
9121Paradise East92.8
1030Far NE Heights92.4
LowestArea #Area Name% of OLP
1102Far North Valley80.0
380Downtown Area88.8
4101Near North Valley89.7
6103West River Valley89.8
710Sandia Heights89.9
860Four Hills Village90.6
1031Foothills North90.7
Trend 3: Change in Average Sale Price from previous year.
HighestArea #Area Name% changeAnnual SP
2103West River Valley12.7%$439,162
331Foothills North11.3%$559,317
421ABQ Acres West8.6%$329,623
5102Far North Valley8.2%$300,809
690Near South Valley6.9%$118,884
751Foothills South3.9%$295,151
971Southeast Heights1.0%$187,180
1042UNM South0.8%$211,784
LowestArea #Area Name% changeAnnual SP
110Sandia Heights-10.9%$414,436
260Four Hills Village-9.5%$295,395
380Downtown Area-8.8%$187,209
4100North Valley-8.6%$297,045
5111Ladera Heights-6.1%$154,522
6121Paradise East-4.6%$212,224
750Northeast Heights-3.8%$163,502
8120Paradise West-3.7%$177,183
992Southwest Heights-3.4%$124,214
1020North ABQ Acres-2.7%$571,502
Trend 4:Price Per Square Foot
HighestArea #Area Name$/sqft
131Foothills North$188
210Sandia Heights$163
320North ABQ Acres$158
4103West River Valley$155
621ABQ Acrse West$143
742UNM South$138
8100North Valley$132
930Far NE Heights$131
10102Far North Valley$128
LowestArea #Area Name$/sqft
190Near South Valley$76
292Southwest Heights$80
491Valley Farms$89
5120Paradise West$95
6111Ladera Heights$95
8121Paradise West$100
971Southeast Heights$103
1050Northeast Heights$104
Notes: Data used in this report represents the 4,675 Residential Detached listings reported sold in the 2010 Gaar Annual Report.  The Areas represented include only the Albuquerque Market Areas 10 thru 121.  Data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
Notes on Table1: DOM is the Average Days on Market.
Notes on Table 2: In order to increase the accuracy of the OLP (Original List Price,) corrections were made to the original listing price on 12 MLS listings that had included data entry errors in the original list price.

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